The rapid growth and prosperity of Chamad are only a small part part of the ancient history of the most beloved clan ever created in Clash of Clans. Read more below!

History of ChamadEdit

Chamad the royal clan was formed on the eve of April 19, 2013 by the only true leader, Carl. Walstar Sr., the father of the famous leader, joined the same day. 

Roughly one week after the once in a lifetime formation of Chamad, Ansam01, the grandmother and all-time queen of Chamad joined the clan proudly. Starting off was the hardest for everyone, but there was something different about Ansam01. She had an especialy hard time starting off with the turbulent wifi in her humble abode. 

Soon after the starting of Chamad, a mysterious Sir Tomasino asked to join the ONLY FAMILY clan. The leader and his secretaries debated what to do to with the famous Sir Tomasino. A half an hour later they came to a verdict. On the eve of May 8, 2013, Sir Tomasino shall be denied f
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The top ten players of Chamad as of August 2013

rom joining the family clan.

A week later, JASamad24, one of the six Samad cousins of the respected leader, was also accepted into the clan. 

That same week, ardvark, a close friend of Walstar Sr., joined the clan as well despite not being family since she was very close to everybody else in the clan for many years and the clanmates, especially the leader Carl, considered her a family member. She was also followed two days later by SeanK245, another cousin of Carl, who was a young boy who loved the game a lot. JASamad24, ardvark, and SeanK245, were also beginners to Clash of Clans and were encountering difficulty in the beginning, but as time passed, they were able to build up skills and enjoy it much better. Chaptile, the brother of the well respected clan leader, started playing that same week and accepted his clan invitation just three days after starting his clashing experience.

Soon after that, on May 25, 2013, the leader received a message. That mysterious Sir Tomasino was one of his closest relatives. Everyone in the clan was shocked beyond belief. Upon being informed of this the leader sent a message to Sir Tomasino, and the misunderstanding was quickly cleaned up. Sir Tomasino joined the clan that same day and was welcomed. The clanmates were extremely pleased that he was in and the misunderstanding a couple of weeks before did not stop him from eventually joining.

Following Sir Tomasino's joining, it was chosen to introduce Clash of Clans to other family members like Carl's other cousins, including Sir Tomasino's brother, to expand the borders of the clan as much as possible. On June 16, King $am, a cousin of Carl, was discovered to play Clash of Clans regularly and was immediately permitted to join the clan and was welcomed that day. Karounaxoxo, yet another cousin, was also accepted into the clan that very same day as well but has been heavily critisized ever since in the royal Chamad clan for never once playing since joining. She is even named a "disgrace to Chamad" by some memebers. 

On July 6, 2013, Chamama, the mother of the clan leader, was also welcomed, thus allowing the leader's entire family to be part of the beloved clan.

On July 7, 2013, Sir Tomasino brought his entire family and met up with the clan leader Carl in Lebanon. There, Sir Tomasino's brother and father, (LuckySell and peacefulmadman) instantly started playing were quickly accepted into the clan just two days later. By now Chamad had 13 members.

On July 24, 2013, Normi, Carl's great-aunt, was the last accepted member into the clan. Since then Chamad has closed due to the fact that it is believed there is no more family that will start playing. The clan will be open again if any new family member starts some time in the future.