ansam01's village

ansam01 is one of the most respected clan elders of the entire beloved Chamad clan due to her perfect treatment for everybody over the months she has been in the clan. She has been playing Clash of Clans for four months, longer than most others in the Chamad clan. She enjoys playing the game a lot as well. 

Early Days of PlayingEdit

ansam01 started to play Clash of Clans in mid April 2013 after clan leader Carl introduced her to the game before leaving Lebanon for a while. Since she found the tutorial complicated, she had a but of difficulty at first. However, she soon understood the game and built her village to the best of her ability, upgrading defenses for better defense and upgrading collectors and mines for faster resource production. The village was soon advanced, and in late April 2013 she joined the Chamad clan as the third member, and was soon promoted to elder. She still currently plays Clash of Clans, and is currently hoping to upgrade her town hall to Level 8. The game is her favorite and she plays is regularly.


ansam01's village is currently one of the advanced ones in the clan. She currently has Town Hall Level 7 and the majority of all buildings and defenses are maxed out at the town hall level, such as the cannons, archer towers, mortars, clan castle, and army camps. The walls are currently Level 6 and some are already Level 7. As a result, the town hall should be upgraded soon. A Barbarian King was also brought into the village. Like most Chamad villages, walls protect the town hall and storages, but some gold mines and collectors are actually within the walls. The army camps are at the top, and the barracks are lined neatly together at the edge of the map, and have recently been able to produce dragons. For decoration, a Mighty Statue was built to show the glory of Chamad.