ardvark's village

Ardvark is the only player in the beloved Chamad clan who does not have Abdul Samad heritage. However, she was still brought into the clan for her close friendship to the clan leader, Carl. She is one of the most respected players in the clan, and is also very known for her countless troop donations, and she received eldership for her genorosity and bringing glory to Chamad. 

Early Days of PlayingEdit

Ardvark started to play Clash of Clans in mid April 2013 after Walstar Sr. informed her about the game. She enjoyed it from the start, and started building her village. It did not take her more than two weeks to rebuild the clan castle and accept the clan invitation sent to her. Upon being accepted into Chamad, she continued playing daily and expanded her village and upgraded her defenses and buildings. From the moment she joined, she also donated troops more than any other member and was well known and thanked for this. On June 26, 2013, she was promoted to clan elder. She continues to play the game today, and has one of the most advanced villages in the entire clan, with lots of Level 6 walls. Despite most aof the clan not knowing her personally, they have grown to like her presence in the clan very much.


Ardvark's village consists of four large rectangular wall compartments side by side, hosting defenses, storages, and some gold and elixir storages. The Town Hall was recently upgraded to Level 8. Since it happened recently, most defenses are still at the maximum Town Hall Level 7 level, such as a Level 5 mortar. However, the air defense was rectently upgraded to Level 6, only unlocked at Town Hall Level 8. A large amount of walls have been taken to Level 7 over time, especially the edges and most important compartments. Outside the wall compartments are some decorations, such as the Mighty Statue. Four Level 9 dragon barracks are also outside. A Level 2 dark barracks stands next to one under construction.