Carl is the clan leader of the best clan ever created in Clash of Clans, the beloved Chamad. Since creating the clan in April 2013 with the assistance of Walstar Sr., he has happily watched the family clan quickly grow and prosper to the maximum. 

IMG 0855

Carl's newly renovated village

Being introduced to Clash of ClansEdit

Carl was introduced to Clash of Clans when everybody in his class and most of his school started playing it in early February. Despite their obsession with it, he didn't start playing the game till March 22, 2013. By that time, however, most of the people in the school had lost interest. He was soon hooked on it since he enjoyed it a lot, and continued playing for the next few months, and still enjoys the game today. 

Creating Chamad Edit

Throughout his early days of playing, he wanted to join a clan but could not find a good one, so him and Walstar Sr. decided to make their own. It was created on April 19, 2013, and named Chamad. It was not too long after that when he welcomed ansam01 into the clan and encouraged all his family to play the game and join the new and beloved Chamad family clan. He enjoyed the rapid growth of the clan as well as the prosperity and fun the clanmates enjoyed when being in it. Carl still runs Chamad today and loves it.


Old village

The earliest photo taken of Carl's village, March 2013

As Carl's experience level grew, the village layout was soon settled on a large rectangle of walls consisting of all the storages and the town hall, and this was all surrounded by a larger rectangle of walls consisting of the defeneses seperated from each other by lines of walls within the rectangle. The mines and collectors were outside, and at the top of the village lay the army camps and barracks with the
Th 5

Carl's village on Town Hall Level 5

laboratory and spell factory near them. That was the layout for about four months. However, in late August 2013 a layout renovation took place to seperate the storages and increase defense strength in order to make it much
Th 6

Carl's village at Town Hall Level 7

more difficult for attackers to loot a lot of resources. This came after multiple attacks on the old layout resulted in a devastating amount of stolen resources. The new layout has the storages seperated and next to defenses, all in neighboring rectanglular wall compartments. The town hall, Chamad clan castle, and dark elixir storage occupy the innermost wall. Carl has the highest experience level in Chamad, with PEKKA
No renov

Carl's village prior to the late August 2013 renovation

barracks and under construction Golem Dark Barracks. The cannons and archer towers are at Level 9, while the Wizard towers go to Level 5 as the Air Defenses go to Level 6. The first hidden tesla is currently going to Level 4. For decoration, a Mighty Statue and Pirate Flag were placed in the village on April 7, 2013, and a Statue of PEKKA was also placed in the village in late August 2013.