Chamama's village

Chamama is considered the "Chamad builder", because she, like Normi, likes to build buildings and upgrade defenses instead of attacking and looting. However, she is still liked by her clanmates in the beloved Chamad clan. 

Early days of playingEdit

Chamama started to play Clash of Clans in late June 2013 after being encouraged to by Carl. Although she struggled at first, like ansam01 and Normi, she was soon able to build up her village to the best of her ability. She struggled mostly because she did not like fighting games but changed her mind with Clash of Clans. Town hall upgrades came and went slowly as buildings were maximized at the current town hall. She was accepted into the clan on July 6, 2013 after her invitation was accepted by Carl and Walstar Sr. Chamama still tries to log in occassionally and upgrade some buildings, such as the gold mines and elixir collectors, in order to make resources faster. Defenses are also upgraded routinely for better protection for the resource storages. Chamama does not like to attack or loot at all, but she is still a very imporant village builder within the beloved Chamad clan.


Chamama's village consists of a large rectangle of Level 5 walls holding the storages and defenses. The Level 6 Town Hall is also inside. Outside the main rectangle are five elixir collectors also protected by Level 5 walls. The sixth elixir collector is outside, along with the six gold mines. At the top are the four builder huts, and nearby are two barracks, one at healer Level 8 and the other at wizard Level 7. Below the barracks are Level 5 army camps. A Level 4 laboratory and Level 1 spell factory are also outside the walls, along with a few flowers for decoration. Currently, Chamama still routinely upgrades everything and expands the village to bring builder glory to the beloved and respected Chamad clan.