Chaptile's village

Chap is believed to be one of the most professional players in the entire Chamad clan, due to his extremely fast speed in playing without the use of gems and the fact that he reached Level 70 in under two months. He is the fastest player in the clan by speed.

Early days of playingEdit

Chap was first introduced to Clash of Clans by Chamad clan leader Carl and clan elder Walstar Sr. in May 2013. He felt hesitant at first but decided to start playing the game on May 18, 2013. He, like all Chamad members, really liked the game upon starting playing and enjoyed it. He was the fastest in playing speed, and in fact, it took him only three days to join the Chamad clan by rebuilding the clan castle and accept his clan invitation sent to him from the clan leader Carl. He continued rapidly building up his village, and was soon ahead of JASamad24 and other players in the clan that rarely logged in at that point in time. His town hall was rapidly upgraded as more and more buildings were unlocked. Defenses were rapidly upgraded and more and more troops were unlocked in the barracks. He is known for loving the name "Chamad" that was chosen for the family clan. He currently is taking a short break from playing but is expected to resume in the near future. Because of his massive donations and loyalty to the clan, he was deemed an elder in June 2013. Chap is also known for never upgrading his town hall before every single building was upgraded and every single troop was researched in the lab. This was in order to ease the pressure on unlocking new buildings and extra defenses.


Chap's village currently has a Town Hall Level 8. The village is also well known for the massive amount of Level 7 walls, all of which were achievied without the use of gems. Currently, the unlocked buildings at Town Hall Level 8, such as a third gold and elixir storage, are still being upgraded because the town hall was upgraded only recenetly and they do not match the already upgraded ones. The village is also known for its very smart layout of walls and defenses in a way that makes it almost impossible to three star and steal a large amount of resources. However, like Walstar Sr., Chap has decided to leave his town hall outside in order to get a free shield and lower trophies. The buildings and defenses are still at their maximum level for Town Hall Level 7, such as Level 8 cannons, because the town hall upgrade was recent. However, this will change soon. A Barbarian King was also recently brought into the village. At the edge of the village, a garden rests with flowers, a weathervane, pirate flag, and Mighty Statue in the middle.