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JASamad24's square village

JASamad24 is one of two players of the beloved Chamad that no longer log in, the other being karounaxoxo. However, unlike karounaxoxo, JASamad24 continued playing for a while after joining the clan. 

Starting the game and joining the clanEdit

JASamad24 was informed about Clash of Clans and the respected Chamad clan on May 1, 2013 by the clan leader Carl during a FaceTime call. She completed the tutorial easily and decided to start steadily building up her village, regularly upgrading her defenses and buildings, and joined the Chamad clan two weeks later by accepting the clan invitation the clan leader sent to her. 

Village and its defectsEdit

After JASamad24 joined the beloved Chamad clan, she still continued expanding her village for about a week, which currently has a Level 5 Town Hall. She built a laboratory and built a large squre wall around her village. However, there are some faults in her village. First, a large empty area in the middle of her village allows enemy troops to deploy there, making the entire square wall around the base useless. Second, the square wall should be divided into smaller squares for maximum defense. Third, a tree was put in the corner of the wall, cutting it off, and allowing troops to deploy through the tree, however, that was fixed soon after. She also has low level defnese for her town hall, such as Level 4 archer towers and a Level 2 mortar.

JASamad24's decline in playing Edit

After building for a week or so after joining the Chamad clan, JASamad24 slowly declined playing Clash of Clans after running low on gems and eventually stopped completely, and only logged in once to fix the tree blocking her wall. She had not played the game in months and does not log in anymore. In fact, her village is shattered to rubble every time she is visited by other Chamad players due to the successful attacks against it since she has a useless square wall and low level defenses.