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karounaxoxo's poorly constructed village, untouched since she joined Chamad

Starting Clash of Clans and joining ChamadEdit

In mid May 2013, karounaxoxo was told about Clash of Clans from the Chamad leader Carl during a video call. She downloaded the game and successfully completed the tutorial. However, she claimed she found the game difficult and played very slowly and poorly. She only attempted to accumulate the 40000 gold required to rebuild the clan castle to join the clan and focused on nothing else, such as building good defenses. It took her four weeks to father the required gold and rebuild her castle, when it took others like Chaptile and LuckySell no more than three days. The very slow pace finally ended on the evening of June 16, 2013 when she rebuilt the caslte and accepted her clan invitation, thus joining Chamad.

Never logging in againEdit

Upon joining the clan, karounaxoxo instantly stopped logging in and has never once touched the game ever since joining the clan. Her village is exactly the same as the day she was brought into the clan and nothing has changed. She is also believed to never touch the game again due to these actions. It has long been of debate in the Chamad clan if she should be removed, but she has been blessed with a second chance. She also only has 20 trophies and has been nicknamed by Chaptile and Sir Tomasino "karounazozo" since she never plays. 


karounaxoxo's village is believed to be the most poorly construced village in the entire Chamad clan. This is especially because she never built anything that did not involve gathering the gold for the clan castle, such as a laboratory or walls, and never upgraded her army camp or defenses, all of which are still on Level 1. A second army camp, which is allowed at her town hall level, was also never constructed. Only the mines, collectors, storages, and town hall were upgraded since they involved the eventual rebuilding of the clan castle. A gravestone from an attack many months ago was also never collected for 20 elixir, and prevents her first gold mine from being in a row with the others.