King $am's Village

King $am is also known for being an active player in the beloved Chamad clan. However, it is nutoriously known around the clan that it was never known of the existance of King $am's village until months after he started playing.

Joining the Chamad clanEdit

King $am is believed to have been playing Clash of Clans since February 2nd. What his village resembled during his first days of playing and how he played are unknown because he did not send a Game Center invite to the well respected clan leader Carl until June 16, 2013. The Game Center invite allowed the clan leader to see King $am's village. It was a surprise to everybody in the Chamad clan that he had been playing Clash of Clans for months and they did not know. He accepted his clan invitation that very same day, and thus was welcomed into the beloved Chamad clan. Although King $am stopped playing and took a break for a few weeks not long after joining Chamad, he decided to resume and now plays Clash of Clans regularly and hopes, like LuckySell and Sir Tomasino, to become an elder one day by regularly donating reinforcement troops and having the required number of trophies. King $am is also known within Chamad for loving wizards, however, it is possible that may change when his barracks are upgraded to dragon Level 9 and maybe even PEKKA Level 10.


King $am's village has his Town Hall Level 7 in the center surrounded by square Level 5 walls. The defenses and storages surround the town hall in smaller compartments of walls. Near the sea, a Level 7 cannon surrounded by Level 4 walls watches over the Level 8 mines and elixir collectors. Outside the walls, army camps and healer Level 8 barracks builders' huts stand, as well as the spell factory and laboratory.