LuckySell's Village

LuckySell is one of the most active players in the beloved Chamad clan and one of the fastest as well, with a rapidly growing village. He plays Clash of Clans whenever he is free.

Early Days of Playing Edit

LuckySell started playing Clash of Clans in early July 2013 during a vacation to Rome. After leaving Rome and meeting the respected Chamad clan leader Carl in Lebanon, he proudly continued playing and rebuilt his clan castle only a few days later, thus he joined the royal Chamad clan after his clan invitation was accepted by Carl. During the rest of Summer 2013, he still played the game even after leaving Lebanon. He continues to play the game up to this day, as his village gets more and more advanced and renovated with every new town hall upgrade. He is currently working on raising his trophies in hopes of becoming an elder someday, and his currently in Silver I league. 

One of the earliest known photos of LuckySell's village, taken in early July 2013


LuckySell has a very well upgraded base for his Town Hall Level 6. His town hall is in the center of his base in a Level 5 wall compartment with two gold storages. The compartment is surrounded by larger wall compartments hosting the defenses, elixir collectors, and Chamad clan castle. His gold mines, elixir collectors, laboratory, barracks, and army camps are outside his base with a Canadian flag, USA flag, and flowers for decoration. The barracks were recently upgraded to produce healers, much to the happiness of LuckySell, and around the same time the cannons were taken to Level 7 with a new look. The storages are currently Level 9, and the defenses are slowly being upgraded to reach their maximized level at the current town hall.