Normi good

Normi's village

Normi was the last Clash of Clans player to join the Chamad clan. Like Chamama, she prefers to mostly build up her village to the best of her ability for it to prosper under Chamad, as well as to upgrade her buildings to improve strength and defense, instead of attacking and looting.

Early Days of PlayingEdit

Normi started to play Clash of Clans in late June 2013 when Carl introduced the game to her. Although she struggled at first and did not want to attack, Walstar Sr. soon came to the rescue and helped her build up her village with good defenses and extra walls. Soon, a large percentage of buildings were maximized at a Level 5 Town Hall. She was accepted into the clan after about four weeks of adjusting, longer than most other players. However, with the assistance of Walstar Sr., she plays the game today once in a while, allowing her village to bring glory to Chamad


Normi's village currently has a Level 5 Town Hall. The storages and defenses are surrounded by an irregular shaped rectangle with two small squares, used in order for the defenses to protect the storages. The Chamad clan castle is in its original place, and the army camps and laboratory are outside, as well as the mines and elixir collectors. Currently, about half of the defenses, such as cannons, and also buildings are maximized at the current town hall.