peacefulmadman's village

peacefulmadman, the father of LuckySell and Sir Tomasino, is another one of the few Chamad members unable to play Clash of Clans anymore anymore despite a successful village, but this is due to lack of time, unlike karounaxoxo and JASamad24 who can play it anytime they want but choose not to. 

First days of playingEdit

peacefulmadman began playing Clash of Clans upon arriving in Lebanon on July 8, 2013 when his whole family around him started playing. He was able to build up his village to an advanced level very quickly (within about three to four days) and with limited use of gems. It took him no more than one day of playing to join the respected Chamad clan and was very happy to have his invitation accepted.


peacefulmadman's village currently houses a Level 4 Town Hall and Level 3 walls surround the village. Although the elixir collectors, mines, and storages are good for his town hall level, some other buildings, such as air defenses, cannons, and the army camps, could use upgrading at the current town hall level. 


Upon leaving Lebanon on July 14, 2013, peacefulmadman went back to work and was unable to play Clash of Clans anymore due to busy workloads weekly back home. However, his village is often visited by other Chamad members and it a pleasant reminder of the fun the clan members had when half of them were reunited in Summer 2013.