SeanK245's Village

SeanK245 is one of the most active and respected players of the respected Chamad clan, and also earned eldership in late July 2013 for his appreciated donation count and high trophy amount.

First days of playingEdit

SeanK245's mother was the first one to download the game, which happened during a video call with the clan leader, Carl. She tried building at first for SeanK245, but it was not too long after that when SeanK245 took over and started building the village to the best of his ability. Only two weeks after that, he was able to join the Chamad clan and accepted his clan invitation. He then continued playing to bring the village to a higher experience level.

Current days of playingEdit

SeanK245 now plays almost every day, hoping to advance the village to the maximum and make it as excellent and perfect as possible, and victory attacks for the beloved Chamad clan are completed almost every day, adding trophy count and bringing glory to the Chamad clan.

Modern advancements of the villageEdit

SeanK245's village used to have Town Hall Level 6 but after it was upgraded to Level 7, a major renovation was done to the village and everything was moved around, includig the walls, to allow for the extra buildings unlocked. The village currently host 3 Level 8 barracks and 1 Level 9 barracks. The dark barracks can now host hog riders. The mortars are on Level 4 and the archer towers are currently Level 7. The elixir storages, mines, and collectors are Level 10 and the gold storages are on level 11. The outline of the village has the town hall, storages, and defenses protected by a complex outline of walls for maximum defense, with the mines, elixir collectors, barracks, army camp, spell factory, and laboratory surrounding the walls outside.