Sir Tomasino's Village

Early Days of PlayingEdit

Sir Tomasino is doing good in the clan.Since his village was never seen by any Chamad members before he joined their clan, it is unknown what it resembled at its early stages. After opening up a clan for his school friends, he watched it be a success but a few months later, he decided to join the Chamad clan his cousin had set up.

Accidental Rejection and Fixing It Edit

Sir Tomasino's request to join the clan was rejected due to a misunderstanding on the evening of May 8, 2013, when he was believed to be a stranger requesting to join the only family clan. A few weeks later, on May 25, 2013, the clan leader was shocked beyond relief to learn that Sir Tomasino was one of his closest relatives. He quickly messaged Sir Tomasino to fix the misunderstanding and was very happy when Sir Tomasino joined that very same day and was warmly welcomed by everybody in the clan.

Village in Chamad Edit

Sir Tomasino is now happily part of Chamad. His village currently has Town Hall Level 7 and is prospering and slowly growing, as more walls now go to Level 6. Four builders are able to work on construction projects and upgrading in the village. It, like most villages of players in the Chamad clan, is a large square divided into smaller squares and rectangles for defense and resource protection. Sir Tomasino's Barbarian King was bought in mid July 2013 and currently keeps guard over the village. The first barrack was recently taken to dragon level, and the dark barracks are now capable of producing hog riders. A hidden tesla was also recently constructed. Also, the gold mines and elixir collectors are steadily being taken to Level 10, the second last level.